Obstetrics Q & A

What is obstetrics?

Obstetrics is an area of medicine that specializes in a woman’s reproductive health during and after pregnancy. 

Obstetricians provide comprehensive health care for you and your baby throughout your entire pregnancy, help bring your baby into the world, and provide postpartum care to make sure you and your baby are adjusting to your new life together. 

Heartfelt Obstetrics And Gynecology provides obstetrics care for pregnant women of all ages. 

Who benefits from obstetrics care?

Any pregnant woman benefits from obstetrics care with the exceptional team at Heartfelt Obstetrics And Gynecology. Though there are other health professionals who provide pregnancy care, obstetricians have advanced training in childbearing, pregnancy, and delivery. They can manage any pregnancy concerns that may arise.

Though the team provides comprehensive care for all pregnancies, you may benefit from their expertise if you have a high-risk pregnancy. Women with a high-risk pregnancy may require more frequent prenatal visits, along with special testing to monitor their and their baby’s health.

Women with a high-risk pregnancy may also require a special delivery plan that may include a cesarean section. With obstetrics care at Heartfelt Obstetrics And Gynecology, you can feel confident that you and your baby are in the best hands possible for a safe delivery, no matter your or your baby’s health needs. 

What can I expect with obstetrics care?

You can expect patient-focused obstetrics care from the team at Heartfelt Obstetrics And Gynecology. They provide exceptional, personalized women’s health care in a warm and welcoming environment and strive to exceed your expectations. 

Every woman’s pregnancy is different. The team works closely with you to design a plan that meets your and your baby’s health needs, as well as your personal goals and desires. They also talk to you about:

  • Caffeine and pregnancy
  • Traveling during pregnancy
  • Easing back pain during pregnancy
  • Exercising during pregnancy
  • Knowing when you’re in labor

You can expect regular and frequent obstetric appointments at Heartfelt Obstetrics And Gynecology. During each appointment, your provider checks your weight and blood pressure, measures your abdomen, and listens to your baby’s heartbeat.

Once you’re ready to have your baby, the team provides the medical care and support you need for a safe delivery. 

After you have the baby, the team schedules follow-up appointments for postpartum care, including screenings for postpartum depression and assistance with breastfeeding. They can also advise you on how to get fit post-pregnancy.

For personalized obstetrics care from an exceptional team, call Heartfelt Obstetrics And Gynecology, or request an appointment online today.

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